Recent Research

Recent Research

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 the dissipative dynamo on impacted coral reefs          Automated annotation of coral reef survey images          Visualizing oxygen dynamics of the reef


Coral health and water chemistry of sri lankan reefs             Effects of primary producer exudates on coral reef community metabolism              what happens at the line of scrimmage?


Herbivory, diversity, and reef development             Using humans to understand corals           human impacts and global gradients in climate forcing determine coral reef community organization and resilience across the US pacific ocean


Why stereotypes don't work               Carmabi research station on curacao              Black Reefs


Wide field of view fluorescence imaging for coral ecology              Effects of exploitation on coral reef fish populations                 implications for coral reefs


Automatic detection of organisms by movement on coral reefs             remote sensing of coral reef cryptofauna                 Global effects of fishing on coral reef herbivores


Abrolhos Bank reef health evaluated by means of water quality, microbial diversity, benthic cover, and fish biomass data           The coral pathogen Vibrio shiloi is present in fireworm and Madracis decactis at St Paul's Archipelago, Brazil